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Executive search is a way to identify and select the best leaders for your business. Executive search firms should not be mistaken for employment agencies which work on the basis of personal contacts and advertising. The value of executive search lies in the search consultant's knowledge of the domestic as well as the worldwide managerial market. Professional search consultants use their search expertise to identify, screen and select candidates who best fit the client's needs. Such candidates are usually not actively looking for a new opportunity. Executive search firms look for the right people for specific opportunities versus the opposite approach.

Part of the search process is understanding the client's business and its corporate culture. A top search consultant can not only advise on a strategic hire, they can also offer insights into the development and implementation of major strategic human resource programs.

Executive search consultants approach their assignments with special discretion, knowing, that they deal with highly confidential matters that should not be made public. It is in their interest to protect both the client company as well as the candidate. Introduction ... 1/2
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